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Priorities and Policy for Laboratory Use

The laboratory provides physical testing facilities and technical assistance to students, and faculty engaged in instruction and research. Service testing is also provided to the public and private firms. All laboratory activity and requests for testing assistance are registered and processed through the WSMTL Office in Room 1314 Engineering Hall. Advanced reservations are essential to ensure space and equipment will be available. Reservations are encouraged at the time of course planning or proposal submission. We are unable to provide service on demand. Testing assistance and services are rendered with the following priority:

  1. Formal academic instruction (coursework and projects) and formal student organization competitions.

  2. Research

  3. Service Testing

  4. Independent study and un-funded research investigations

Once a request for services in submitted to the laboratory office, resources are assigned, usually within 72 hours of the request.

Service testing provided to public and private firms is provided on a cost-reimbursable basis. All users and visitors to the laboratory must sign a safety acknowledgment form and adhere to the written laboratory safety policy.

As a service, the laboratory provides testing to the public and private organizations. This activity is conducted on a cost-reimbursable basis. In addition to fulfilling a service mission, service testing provides better utilization of test equipment, defrays the cost of maintaining equipment and operating the laboratory, and sometimes provides engineering students the opportunity to learn and practice their testing skills.

Structural and materials testing such as fatigue, fracture, creep, stress analysis, non-destructive testing, earth-structure interaction and fluid-structure interaction

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